The Cinema Hero competition winners

A massive thank you to everyone who entered our Cinema Hero competition. You sent in some fantastic anecdotes, funny stories and created really inventive superpowers in response to our two questions:

  1. Tell us about a time you felt like a superhero at work.
  2. If you could have one superpower to help you in your contracting career, what would it be?

Sadly we only had three meal-and-a-movie sets to give away, so we could only choose three winners. We received so many great answers and the job of choosing our favourites was incredibly tough.

We chose the winning entries because they perfectly described some of the regular challenges and joys that come with being a contractor, and offered some super creative ideas to help them with their job. They were answers that we genuinely loved, and we hope that you love them too.

In no particular order, here’s the list of winners:


Martin, a Primary school teacher from Manchester, described his perfect contracting superpower:

“My chosen superpower would simply be to FLY. The idea of soaring over the rush hour traffic and gliding into my classroom would keep me smiling all day…. just think of the amount of amazing ceiling displays I could put up (without the political nightmare of all that risk assessment paperwork)…. and to zoom around those corridors waving down to my little people as they enjoy their day, would be THE BEST!”

Who wouldn’t want the ability to fly? We chose Martin’s entry as we thought this was the perfect superpower for contractors. No one loves their morning commute. But soaring over everyone and gliding into work? Well, that could really kick-start your day.


Sophie, a teacher from Loughborough, described how she felt like a superhero at work:

“I walked into the playground at a school I had recently undertaken regular work at, but hadn’t been to for a few weeks, and a Year One child – whom I used to teach – spotted me and shouted, at the top of his voice, “oh my God, YES!!!” as he sprinted towards me, to fling his arms around me into a huge hug. It definitely brought tears to my eyes.”

Can you imagine being a supply teacher, and the kids jumping for joy when they recognise you entering the playground? Contractors can leave such a huge impression on their places of work, and we thought Sophie’s entry really showed the positive impact that they can have.

Supply teacher Joseph, from Bristol, said his chosen superpower would be:

“Easy. Time travel. Not necessarily to the extent of having people interact and change history, but just observe, take minor things that won’t be missed, and use it to inspire pupils to think about history as a living subject, rather than “Old stuff”.   Also, how cool would it be to nick a few bits of armour from the middle ages and then getting year 7 to dress up in them in a class, then the following lesson take a bunch of year 9’s to head out to the Somme.”

Contractors, despite changing assignments quite regularly, can he hugely invested in each workplace they enter. For supply teachers who really want the best for their pupils, keeping them engaged can sometimes be a little challenging. One way to capture their attention for sure is with some historical artefacts borrowed straight from the past.

cinema-competition- prizeCinema Hero competition prizes

We hope you agree that we chose some well-deserved winners. The cinema tickets and Nando’s vouchers are on their way, so it shouldn’t be long until you can enjoy your prizes.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered the Cinema Hero competition. Pretty soon we’ll also be sharing some of your other fantastic entries in future superhero-themed articles. So keep an eye on our news page!