Gender pay gap report

Since April 2017, large employers have been required to expose any differences in pay between their male and female employees by reporting certain payroll statistics. The information must be compiled annually and made available on the company’s website for at least three years from the date of publication. These requirements are outlined in The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, which was introduced with the intention of encouraging employers to work harder to eliminate their gender pay gap.


You are reading the 2024 gender pay gap report for KPPES Ltd. This is the company that employs all contractors who use our payroll and employment service, Key Portfolio. In line with the reporting guidance, the data for this report includes all ‘full-pay relevant employees‘ and is based on the pay period (e.g. the week or month) that included the government’s ‘snapshot date’ of 5th April 2024.

Hourly pay rates and bonuses

We calculated the mean (average) hourly rate of pay that our male employees received and compared it to that of female employees. It showed a pay gap of 11% in favour of men. When we did the same with the median (midpoint) hourly rate of pay, it showed a 19% pay gap in favour of men.

We did not pay bonuses to any employees and therefore there’s a 0% difference between bonuses paid to males and females.

Pay quartiles

We ranked all of our employees from highest to lowest paid and divided the list into four equal parts. We then compared the proportion of males and females in each pay band. The results are illustrated below:

To summarise:

  • Across our whole workforce, 79% are female and 21% are male
  • In the upper quartile (i.e. the highest paid employees), 74% are female and 26% are male
  • In the upper middle quartile, 71% are female and 29% are male
  • In the lower middle quartile, 83% are female and 17% are male
  • In the lower quartile (i.e. the lowest paid employees), 87% are female and 13% are male

The information in this statement is accurate.


Gary Walker FCCA
Director, KPPES Ltd.
30th April 2024

Past gender pay gap information: