Can I give you advance notice that I don’t want to be enrolled into a pension?

Sorry, but our hands are tied here. You’re free to leave the pension scheme after being enrolled, but you can’t avoid being enrolled in the first place.

You see, as your employer, we are obliged by law to automatically enrol you into a pension scheme if you meet certain criteria. This requirement was introduced by the government as a way to encourage people to save for their retirement and it applies to every employer and recruitment agency in the UK.

We will write to you if/when you’re enrolled. Once this happens, if you want to leave the scheme, you must contact NEST (the pension provider) and follow their official process to leave. It’s quick and easy to do. If you do this within one month of being enrolled, the contributions you’ve made so far will be refunded to you.

We can’t accept a direct request from you to leave the scheme – it must go via NEST. This measure was put in place by the government to ensure that your decision to leave isn’t influenced by your employer.