How do I apply for adoption pay?

Firstly, make sure you give us at least 28 days’ notice that you’re planning to stop work to adopt a child or have a baby with a surrogate. We’ll need to ask for proof of your adoption. This proof must show:

  • your name and address and that of the agency
  • the match date, e.g. the matching certificate
  • the date of placement, e.g. a letter from the agency
  • the relevant UK authority’s ‘official notification’ confirming you’re allowed to adopt (overseas adoptions only)
  • the date the child arrived in the UK – e.g. plane ticket (overseas adoptions only)

Once we receive it, we’ll assess your claim and contact you to confirm whether we’re able to pay your adoption pay.

"This has really set my mind at ease as we continue the next stage of our adoption journey. Thanks so much."

Sarah Bennett, April 2016