How do I complete the Rates section of my timesheet?

This is where you will give us details of your rates of pay:

  1. Your assignment may pay different rates depending on when you work, so first choose a Rate Type. If you’re unsure, select Standard.
  2. Confirm if this rate is paid per hour or per day by selecting a Unit Type from the dropdown menu. If it’s Hourly, please also confirm how many days you worked.
  3. Enter the number of hours/days you worked into the No. of Units box.
  4. In the Rate box, enter the rate of pay appropriate to the rate type you’ve chosen.
  5. Click Add to Timesheet.
  6. If you have agreed more than one rate for your work during this period, repeat this process until you have added them all.

As you add rates, they will appear in a table. If you make a mistake, you can delete them by clicking the Remove link.

When you are finished adding rates, click Next.

For example:

Peggy is normally paid £100 per day and is submitting a timesheet for five days of work. She enters the following information:

  • Rate type = Standard
  • Unit type = Daily
  • No. of units = 5
  • Rate = £100

Don did eight hours of overtime at £40 per hour. He enters the following information:

  • Rate type = Overtime
  • Unit type = Hourly
  • No. of units = 8
  • Rate = £40
  • No. of days worked = 1