I have no idea what to buy my recipient – help!

Hopefully, your recipient will have provided some basic information about themselves and some of their likes and dislikes. Does that give you any ideas?

Remember, one thing you have in common is that you’re both supply workers. Maybe something they could use in their job would be nice?

If they live in a different part of the country from you, you could send a gift from your local area. Perhaps a particular food item or craft that’s made nearby.

You could also consider sending them a copy of your favourite book or a product that you love. If you like it so much, chances are other people will too.

Failing all of that, try searching online for ‘Secret Santa gifts’ to see if that inspires you.

Do remember our only rules – keep it appropriate (think of this as a workplace gift exchange) and try your best to make or buy something your recipient will enjoy.

We’re sure they’ll love whatever you choose. Good luck!