How do I switch to Key Portfolio from another Umbrella?

It’s really simple! Just complete our Registration Form and we’ll do the rest.

Once we receive it, we’ll get to work setting up your account. We’ll also contact your recruitment agencies to let them know you’ve joined and make arrangements for your payroll. This all happens behind the scenes; there’s nothing you need to do.

After that, we’ll email to officially welcome you to our contractor community.

Also, don’t forget to let your old Umbrella company know you’re leaving and ask them to send you a P45. As soon as you get it, send us parts 2 & 3. We’ll use this information to update your tax code, to make sure that you don’t wind up paying too much or too little tax.

Of course, if you’ve got any questions about anything at all, please be sure to get in touch.

We can’t wait to welcome you on board.