What are discounted gift cards and how do they work?

You’re probably used to giving and receiving vouchers as presents, or seeing them for sale in shops. When we talk about ‘gift cards’, we mean exactly the same thing.

In other words, a gift card is simply a pre-paid voucher that you can use instead of cash to pay for goods or services at one particular retailer.

With Portfolio Perks, you can buy gift cards for over 20 nationwide retailers and restaurants at a discount of up to 12%. You’ll receive your card by email instantly.

They’re great to give as gifts or to use yourself, and particularly useful for big one-off purchases and regular shopping at your favourite stores.

So, for example, if you’re always buying coffee from Starbucks and want to save money on your daily caffeine fix, you can buy a discounted Starbucks gift card.

To do this, you’d visit the Portfolio Perks website and purchase a gift card worth £25 (for example) – but crucially, you would pay less than £25 for it. You can then use your gift card at Starbucks to pay for £25 of drinks at the till. You won’t have to spend it all at once!

To buy discounted gift cards, log in to your account, click Portfolio Perks, head to the Gift cards section and follow the instructions from there.