What is cashback and how does it work?

Cashback is an amount of money that’s paid back to you in cash after you’ve made a purchase from a retailer’s website. The amount is a certain percentage of the amount you spent. It will vary from retailer to retailer but with Portfolio Perks, it’s an average of 10%. Our market-leading cashback rates are higher than those offered by cashback sites that are available to the general public.

Here’s an example to explain how cashback works:

Imagine you want to buy a new dress. You find one in Debenhams and it costs £60. Instead of going straight to debenhams.com, first you go to the Portfolio Perks website or mobile app. You quickly search for Debenhams and see that they currently offer 6% cashback. You click on the ‘get cashback’ button, which takes you to debenhams.com where you complete your purchase as you usually would, paying £60. A few days later, you get an email confirming that £3.60 cashback – that’s 6% of £60 – from your purchase has been paid into your Portfolio Perks ‘wallet’.

To get cashback on your online shopping, log in to your account, click Portfolio Perks, head to the Shop online section and follow the instructions from there.