Why have you ended my employment?

If you haven’t asked us to close your account, the most common reason we’d do so is because you haven’t worked for a while.

Due to the nature of contracting, you may have periods when you’re not working. HMRC’s guidelines for recruitment agencies state that employment should be ended when the relationship between the agency and the worker ends or if no payments have been processed within a three month period. As you source your assignments through agencies, we have adopted the same guidelines.

So, if you haven’t been paid for 12 weeks, you’ll automatically receive notice that your employment is going to come to an end. This gives you the chance to stop the process by letting us know that you have already re-commenced work, or are just about to. Otherwise, it may be in your interest to let the employment end, as it can help to keep your tax affairs in order, especially if you have been or will be working elsewhere.

Of course, you’re welcome to rejoin at absolutely any time.