As a contractor, you already have freedom and flexibility in your work. By joining Key Portfolio, you get the perks of employment too, giving your career a boost of stability and security.

Watch this fun two-minute video for a more detailed look at what that means for you:

Before you join, we recommend you learn how your take-home pay will be calculated.

Take a minute to read that link. When you do, you’ll notice that we retain a margin to cover the services we provide to you. It’s retained by our umbrella company, KPPES Limited, from the funds your agencies send to us.

This margin is 4% of the funds, with a maximum of £16 per working week. In the event our margin structure changed, we would always notify you.

We’d love you to be part of Key Portfolio, so feel free to go right ahead and join. We’ll give you a ring before we finalise your registration, which is an opportunity to ask any questions. Of course, if you have some questions beforehand, please get in touch any time.

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about Key Portfolio. We hope to hear from you soon – we’re ready to welcome you on board!

Best wishes,


Are there any circumstances in which the margin would be refunded?

Under the following circumstances, we would compensate you by paying you a sum equal to or greater than the KPPES margin:

  • failure to make payment on time whereby KPPES Limited is solely responsible for the delay
  • miscalculation of a payroll payment
  • failure to provide the contracted services
  • other circumstances at the discretion of the company

If you have any more questions, check out our extensive, searchable candidate support centre.