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As CER’s provider of professional employment and payroll outsourcing, our objective is simple: to take care of you, your employment and your payroll.

As a supply worker, you already have freedom and flexibility in your work. By joining our employment service, Key Portfolio, you get all the perks of employment too, giving your career a boost of stability and security.

We give you…
  • A permanent contract of employment entitling you to benefits like sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay. It’s nice to know they’re there when you need them.
  • Payroll you can rely on. At Key, Friday means pay day. It just happens; on time, every time. You can join our pension scheme and choose how you want to receive your holiday pay.
  • Simplicity when sourcing assignments through more than one recruitment agency. All payments are handled together: one tax code, one payslip, one pay day and one P60.
  • Employee benefits. A package of perks and discounts to use at work and home. Exceptional savings on shopping, restaurants, travel and lots more!
  • Expert help with all things contracting. Tax, proof of income, mortgages, right-to-work… whatever it is, just pick up the phone.
How it works…
  • You become our employee and source your assignments through CER
  • You complete your assignments and submit your timesheets to CER who will then tell us how much work you’ve done
  • We invoice CER for your time and then pay you on the Friday following the period of work
  • The agreed assignment rate includes our margin of 4% up to a maximum of £16 per week and the employer’s outgoings
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