Your P60 – coming soon

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P60 on desk

Very shortly, we’ll be emailing you a P60 for the 2016/17 tax year. It seems like a good time for a quick reminder of why we send P60s and what information it includes.

What is a P60?

A P60 is a certificate that employers must send to each of their employees at the end of every tax year.

It shows your gross salary and how much tax and National Insurance you paid in the last tax year. When you’re looking at the figures, keep in mind that your gross salary is just one part of the daily/hourly rate that your agency pays. Other elements, like our margin and Employer’s NI, aren’t shown on your P60.

This document comes in handy when you’re asked to prove your annual income. For example, if you’re applying for tax credits or completing a tax return.

It also includes a note of your payroll number.

When will I receive my P60?

Most people will receive their P60 between Friday 19th and Monday 22nd May, but the very latest it could arrive is the end of May. We’ll send it by email.

What should I do with my P60?

Keep it safe! Even if you don’t need it straight away, you might find yourself looking for it one day. We recommend you file the email and print a copy if you want one for your records.

Learn more

You can find more detailed information on your P60, including what to do if you haven’t received it, in our support centre.

Oh, and if you’ve moved home recently, please update the address on your account by Thursday 18th May. Although your P60 is sent by email, it has your home address on it.