Supply teachers – what’s your morning routine?

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Sun rising

Morning routines is quite the trendy topic at the moment, and a quick scroll through your Instagram feed or a search on Pinterest will show people crafting the perfect way to start their day. Hashtags like #MyMorningRoutine abound, showing curated snaps of fitness affectionados rising at the crack of dawn for hot yoga and busy parents sorting lunches into neatly-organised bento boxes.

Does this sound like your life? If you’re anything like us, it absolutely does not.

But it did get us wondering about the morning routines of day-to-day supply teachers. When you don’t know where (or even if) you’ll be working each day, how do you get yourself up and ready for whatever the day might throw at you?

So… what time does your alarm go off? What needs to get done before you start waiting on that call from your recruitment agency? Maybe you make things easier by laying your smart clothes out the night before and keeping a packed supply kit in the boot of your car? Talk to us about breakfast. Tell us your tried-and-tested method for getting into a positive mindset before you step into the classroom.

Is there any time whatsoever for green juice and mindfulness? 

We’re gathering submissions from day-to-day supply teachers across the UK who are happy to share their morning routines with us and the Key Portfolio community. We’ll publish our findings right here on the blog, to inspire others in the same situation.

We don’t expect you to be a YouTube-worthy lifestyle guru – we’re looking for realistic input from normal supply teachers who have had to adapt their routine so that they’re ready to leave for a new school at a moment’s notice.

Maybe you’re a seasoned supply teacher who has nailed the perfect morning, or a newbie who’s had to evolve fast. Maybe you’ve got to race your housemates to the bathroom or have five kids and a dog to get sorted before yourself. Whatever your situation, if you’re a supply teacher who often accepts last-minute calls, we want to hear how you do it.

Sorry, submissions for morning routines are now closed. If you need some help getting your routine in order, take a look at what everyone had to say.