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Add the advantages of employment to the freedom of contracting with Key Portfolio, an Umbrella Company you can depend on.
Contracting advice

Contracting advice

Get expert help with all things contracting. Tax, proof of income, mortgages, right-to-work… whatever it is, just pick up the phone.

A safety net

A safety net

We can sort you out with benefits like sick pay, maternity pay and paternity pay. It’s nice to know they’re there when you need them.

Perks and discounts

Perks and discounts

A package of perks and discounts to use at work and home. Exceptional savings on shopping, restaurants, travel and lots more.

Centralised income

Centralised income

Got more than one agency? We make it simple. All payments are handled together: one tax code, one payslip, one pay day and one P60.

Payroll you can rely on

Payroll you can rely on

Around here, Friday means pay day. It just happens; on time, every time. You can join our pension scheme and claim certain work-related expenses too.

Community spirit

Community spirit

You’ll be part of our friendly community of contractors, instantly gaining thousands of colleagues. We’d love to have you on board.

I give Key Portfolio a 10 rating because of the quality of the service, the easy to navigate and customer-friendly website and excellent level of communication.

Ina Bebina, November 2019

The Key Portfolio staff have been wonderful; always helpful, always polite and they always get the problems sorted out fast.  It has been so helpful to be with Key Portfolio as it gave me the scope to work with a variety of agencies and gave me more control to choose the assignments I really wanted to do.

Contractor, November 2019

My agency gave me a list of umbrella companies to choose from. I found KEY website full of information. This makes it easier if you want to refer to anything on payroll, process, and procedures. Gemma, Angela, and Christine are very helpful and reply promptly to any queries or emails.

I am glad I signed up for KEY and will always recommend KEY to my colleagues.

Kannan Sundararajan, October 2019

Thanks for your services, it was a pleasure working as supply.

Rupali Vasudeva, September 2019

Great team. No problems with the payment.

Mihaela Vintila, September 2019

The website is very easy to use and the phone service I received was very friendly.

Contractor, September 2019

Did sort out any difficulties which I had trouble with. Also staff was very helpful dealing with situations that occurred.

Contractor, September 2019

Key is a nice umbrella. Highly recommended.

Contractor, September 2019

You did more than you were supposed to and when I had a problem, you fixed it and got back to me when you said you would. I am therefore loyal to you. Just keep doing what you are doing, it is much appreciated.

James Carew, September 2019

Great service. Really easy to use and set up quickly.

David Cromar, September 2019

Very prompt replies and accurate payments. Well done!

Dayami Amador Espinosa, August 2019

Very efficient, informative, helpful and love the perks!

Contractor, August 2019

Excellent customer services. They answer emails quick and they are always willing to help.

Marina Alvarez Asensio, August 2019

Great service. Very helpful. Website account area very usable.

Contractor, August 2019

Easy to work with, easy to communicate with. Thank you.

Contractor, August 2019

Very efficient whilst being caring too!

Contractor, July 2019

An easy to use service, lots of information.

Contractor, July 2019

The service was excellent and I enjoyed a great relationship over the years. I also found that matters were expedited quickly and without fuss.

Venrease Sturlong, July 2019

Reliable payments. Great communications and emails. Really helpful and prompt.

Heather Kelly, July 2019

Good service over many years.

Contractor, July 2019

Excellent, have had no issues at all. Highly recommend.

Lynne Parker, June 2019

Very helpful when I needed signed copies of pay advice slips and a letter for my wife’s application.

Jeremy Pugh, June 2019
I enjoyed working with you, hope to join again in the future.
Thokozire Jumbe, June 2019
Thank you for your services. My payments were straightforward and sorted very suitably by you. Agencies who used you as my pay package were great to work with.
Contractor, June 2019

A very good service. I was always paid on time and I was given relevant information from Key via my email.

David Wiggins, April 2019

Efficient, easy to contact, good communication and platform easy to use.

Contractor, April 2019

You are very efficient at paying on time.

Kathryn Trout, April 2019

Key has been very helpful to me, they have a smart and easy to use platform. I strongly recommend Key.

Ricardo Lopes Esteves, March 2019

Very easy to use the website and helpful with organising payments!

Contractor, March 2019

Though I have only been with Key Portfolio for a few months, I have had excellent service and very professional help from staff when I have telephoned or emailed with a query. I had a very satisfying experience and was very impressed with the help and assistance given.

Contractor, March 2019

There was good regular communications about my pay going in and I wasn’t bombarded with irrelevant stuff. The site was easy to access and navigate around.

Rachel Pitches, February 2019

I think sending the text notifications are a fantastic idea and it is a pick me up after a long day of work.

Contractor, February 2019

No complaints, always helpful when I needed help.

Contractor, February 2019

I would recommend Key Portfolio to a friend or colleague because you have very responsive staff when questions are asked.

Contractor, January 2019

Very smooth and organised, and not overpriced. If I wanted someone to handle all my payments from multiple sources again, I’d probably come to you.

Contractor, January 2019

Good communications, quick response to questions.

Alexander Gibbs, January 2019

Excellent service, very straightforward. Jacqueline is especially helpful on the phone.

Thomas Butterworth, January 2019

A brilliant service. Payment was prompt and the customer service excellent.

Anjana Clark, January 2019

A great service. Easy website to use, always paid on time and great communication. Thank you.

Contractor, January 2019

I would recommend Key Portfolio to a friend or colleague because it’s a rather easy way to manage work pay – especially being able to put all payments under the same umbrella.

Contractor, December 2018

Have been very happy with the service Key has provided for me whilst working as a supply teacher. The service has been faultless and help when needed has been easy to get. Have happily recommended Key to other people embarking on a career as a supply teacher.

Judith Sweeting, December 2018

I decided to join Key Portfolio because the perks with joining were better than anywhere else. It’s a simple website to use and staff are always there to help!

Contractor, November 2018

I think you do an excellent job, I have been with Key on and off for over 10 years and I have had brilliant customer service. Thank you.

Contractor, September 2018

Key are Fab. They’ve always got to the bottom of any issues and genuinely seemed to care when I was having difficulties. If I ever contract again (which I may do soon) I will definitely join again.

Keisha Ferguson, November 2018

Very efficient and great customer service.

Luke Addy, November 2018

Very efficient systems, but also very friendly and helpful when contacted by phone.

Contractor, November 2018

You have been great, nice clear information and easy to use website. Any queries I’ve had, you have sorted for me. Thank you!

Anne Alcott, October 2018

Good from start to finish. Staff lovely at other end of telephone.

Contractor, October 2018

You’ve been brilliant to work for!

Diane Smith, October 2018

Very efficient and reliable.  Easy to use the system.

Kim Murphy, October 2018

Clear website. Easy to navigate my account. I liked receiving texts to inform me of my pay.

Contractor, October 2018

I found Key reliable and helpful when I had queries

Fiona Cudlipp, October 2018

I was happy with the efficiency and ability to ask questions which were promptly answered. Everything pay and tax wise seemed to be handled well.

Justine Hughes , September 2018

Key Portfolio were friendly and supportive from the very first conversation. They have helped me with all aspects of my supply work from the beginning to the end. I would recommend Key Portfolio, due to their clear and concise website and easy to understand pay advice slips.

Emma Herkowyi, August 2018

I have used your services for 4 years and so far your services have been good and you always tried to resolve any issues I had by replying very quickly to my emails.

Contractor, August 2018

Key has been very helpful and a great service to have whilst being on supply. I would recommend friends to use this service if they ever enter into supply teaching.

Rebecca Hayton, August 2018

Customer service is excellent and the website is very user-friendly, never an issue with you guys!

Contractor, August 2018

Efficient and informative, especially the tips for new supply teachers!

Amanda Rimmington, August 2018

You were always contactable, helpful and pay slips understandable.

Kim Minns, August 2018

You have a high quality of service and support but most importantly you respect, promote kindness and are trustworthy and reliable. You really know how to support people and be valid and reliable.

Athina Karali, August 2018

Key Portfolio made my work life in the UK very easy! They managed my tax and pension contributions with very little involvement from me required. Loved the weekly message coming through on a Friday afternoon saying I had been paid!

Andreas Grobler, August 2018

I believe that you are professionals with ethos, quality, kindness and always very helpful. Keep on doing this amazing work and being so helpful and supportive.

Contractor, July 2018

All the info needed is straightforward and easily accessible, supply teacher news is on the mark and you have prompt telephone access.

Contractor, June 2018

I think the website is fantastic and you’ve always answered any questions I may have had. Thank you.

Contractor, June 2018

Wonderful customer correspondence. I always got a prompt and informal response to questions and queries.

Contractor, June 2018

Every dealing I’ve had with Key Portfolio has been positive. I’ve experienced perfect efficiency, real care for me as an individual worker and a culture of support and commitment to equal opportunities.

Contractor, April 2018

Very helpful. Quick support. Less fees than any other umbrella company with great cost-value service. Very user-friendly and informative website.

Contractor, April 2018

I have found Key Portfolio very professional and helpful. The service and advice have always been quick and your website friendly.

Michael Grice, April 2018

Just want to let you know that I think Key Portfolio is great – no fuss, excellent service, very transparent, low fees and great discounts (we can actually afford the cinema now!). Definitely shaking up an absolute rort of an industry.

Sean, March 2018

I never usually have great things to report about umbrella companies, but honestly are flipping amazing. All agency workers should consider these guys (this isn’t sponsored either)

@Kei_Maye, via Twitter, March 2018

Key Portfolio have been fantastic! All of the staff have been extremely friendly and helpful whenever I have needed to contact them and the service in general has been very efficient.  I would definitely use Key Portfolio again in the future.  I’d like to leave a special mention about a lady called Anne Kennedy who helped me with my query over the phone the other day, she was so friendly and helped me with all of my questions very thoroughly.

Sarah Hind, March 2018

During the six years I was working with you, there were never any problems. I received text and email confirmation on pay days. The Key Portfolio website was easy to navigate and I could quickly check my payments. I would confidently recommend Key Portfolio to any other supply teacher who asked me.

Paul Johnson, March 2018

The service is good. Helpful and professional. I am confident that they have my best interests at heart.

Contractor, March 2018

Payments are on time and payslips are well organised and clearly understandable.

Jose Pacho Garcia, February 2018

I have been very impressed with the efficiency of your company. The website is easy to follow and explains everything you need to know simply and clearly. I have found the staff very pleasant when speaking to them by telephone and my queries have been dealt with quickly and efficiently. I have been kept up to date with information and changes via emails and texts. I would recommend Key to others looking for an umbrella company. Thank you all very much.

Contractor, January 2018

Brilliant payroll, easy to use and contact and I liked the Secret Santa at Christmas.

Samantha Allcorn, January 2018

In particular, your website has been very easy to navigate and explains clearly all the aspects that have allowed me to manage my finances. When any concerns have arisen it has been easy to make contact and always the response has been prompt.

Karen Thornhill, January 2018

Over the last five years I have found Key to be an efficient and professional company. On those rare occasions that I have needed to contact them they have been polite and helpful.

Christopher Hall, January 2018

Very well organised and the information received has always been accurate and in line with current employment legislation which is really important. This enables one to know exactly where one stands financially.

Contractor, January 2018

Customer services were easy to get hold of and speak to. Dealt with my queries quickly and always called back when they said they would. You have some great advice and information online that is easy to read.

Contractor, January 2018

You always sent a text to let me know that I was getting paid each week. If I had any problems you would always help. Very reliable.

Angela Walker, January 2018

Excellent service, always able to answer any queries and always very helpful.

Stephen Carr, January 2018

Everyone was very helpful. It was easy to access the website and the help pages were user-friendly and visually appealing. When I had queries they were dealt with very quickly.

Contractor, January 2018

The service is great! The staff are polite, helpful and knowledgeable.

Contractor, December 2017

A very helpful and efficient service from Key.

Contractor, December 2017

Thank you so much for informing me immediately of my change of tax code when I started a permanent position. It meant I was able to contact the tax office to sort the problem out before I had a nasty surprise.

Contractor, November 2017

You’ve always provided a friendly, accessible and professional service.

Martin Breeze, November 2017

Reliable and efficient, with a very user-friendly website.

Brian Mulligan, November 2017

I think the service is really good. I like the perks too and the online account, I found it really easy to use.

Idowu Olatunji, November 2017

Key has always been very helpful and my pay is always on time.

Shameem Akhtar, November 2017

I have never had a problem, everything was dealt with efficiently. Doing a great job, thank you!

Contractor, November 2017

Efficient and friendly service. All information that I received was clear and easy to access.

Amy Haque, October 2017

Excellent service and any queries I had were always answered very quickly and efficiently.

Andrea Kelly, October 2017

Whenever I’ve had a problem everything has been resolved very quickly.

Lucy Holcroft, October 2017

I would like to thank Key for all their help. It was greatly appreciated.

Alpha Sesay, October 2017

Key Portfolio has always been a very professional and helpful service.

Contractor, October 2017

Key Portfolio was easy to use, with a straightforward registration and staff happy to answer any queries promptly.

Contractor, September 2017

It’s very easy to navigate the Key Portfolio website. I recently had to go back and see old payslip information and this was very easy to do.

Jacqueline Mason, September 2017

I’m registered with many agencies and organising my salary can be really difficult, so being with an umbrella company who can sort this made sense. I’d originally registered with a different umbrella company, but soon discovered that Key is the best one of all. The website is simple to manage, and keeping up to date with my payslips has been easy. I highly recommend working with Key. Thank you so much.

Anjana Clark, August 2017

The service is of a high quality. I like that I get a text to let me know how much my pay will be each week.

Thomas Walmsley, August 2017

You guys at Key have been amazing during the time I have spent with you. Thank you for sorting out any queries and being only an email away.

Contractor, August 2017

I’ve always received good information and been paid on time.

Contractor, August 2017

The service was really good. My payment was always on time.

Contractor, August 2017

Very easy to use! Loved the Portfolio Perks section.

Clare Forsyth, August 2017

An excellent service and makes life so much easier!

Lydia Toumazou, July 2017

Super service from Key, would definitely recommend to my friends.

Mark Bolton, July 2017

Simple and easy to use, loved the online experience.

Contractor, July 2017

Clear and easy to use website. Very helpful when needed.

Christopher Heath-Robinson, July 2017

Excellent service. Pleasant, efficient and helpful staff.

Contractor, July 2017

Hassle free, efficient and supportive.

Contractor, July 2017

Fantastic service and very easy to manage if working with multiple agencies for contract work.

Contractor, June 2017

Efficient and Reliable Service. Keep up the Good Work!

Olateju Olatunde, June 2017

Very easy to work with and professional company.

Louise Bartlett, June 2017

I enjoyed having Key Portfolio managing my pay through different teaching agencies.  It has been very easy for me having my pay centralised and if there have been any queries they have been dealt with quickly and always resolved to my satisfaction.

Janelle O’Keeffe, May 2017

My wages were always on time, so thank you. I have been kept up to date with everything I need to know and have never had any problems or issues with Key Portfolio.

Ellen Kelly, May 2017

No complaints – very happy with your service. Very professional.

Melanie Leonard, May 2017

Very helpful and I always have my questions answered.

Julie Doel, May 2017

I felt that you provided a holistic service which was well organised, efficient and supportive when required.

Grazyba Koltonowska, April 2017

Key Portfolio have been very helpful. If I ever needed to contact them by either phone or email, they responded quickly and helped me with my questions.

Contractor, April 2017

Helpful on the phone. Quick and easy website access.

Kathryn Edwards, April 2017

A brilliant service with great customer care. Definitely would recommend them to anybody. Easy to use and understand.

Imogen Allen, March 2017

Just to say that I’m pleased with your prompt response every time I needed help and support. Thank you.

Grazyna Koltonowska, March 2017

Key Portfolio taking care of payments, tax and National Insurance was a great help – and the Friday pay announcement by text and email was great. I was particularly impressed with the care and attention given by your administration staff when I contacted them with queries and needed reassurance on subjects. I was also grateful for the prompt responses when I sought references. Thank you.

Contractor, March 2017

I have been really impressed with the service from Key Portfolio, which has been excellent. I definitely hope to come back soon if working through an agency again. Many thanks.

Contractor, March 2017

Everything was clear, efficient and professional.

Stephen Hitchings, March 2017

A good friendly professional service with great customer care and service.

Franck Legeai, March 2017

Very efficient. Clearly presented processes. Helpdesk was helpful and well informed when needed.

Rajan Bakshi, February 2017

Generally good and efficient. Good payment system and easy to understand. Nothing bad to say.

Contractor, February 2017

Never had any problems. Always paid properly and on time.

Christine Jay, February 2017

Very efficient and easy to use.

Contractor, February 2017

Good service if you work for a few different agencies as Key will centralise one payment for you automatically.

Contractor, February 2017

No complaints. Everything was clearly set out to navigate around.

Contractor, February 2017

Key Portfolio is easy to access and you get your payment on time. The staff are friendly and professionally answer all my queries.

Contractor, January 2017

You were always very prompt and helpful when I had questions or concerns. Everyone who contacted me was very professional and friendly too.

Contractor, January 2017

I have been happy and had no problems. Thank you.

Contractor, January 2017

A reliable and reasonably priced service with friendly staff.

Jonathan Swift, January 2017

Very pleased with the service.

Jane Carlin, January 2017

I felt in safe hands.

Contractor, January 2017

I found Key to be well organised. I also liked the explanatory notes that we could access. If I emailed Key, I felt responses were speedy and helpful. With many thanks.

Georgina Eastham, January 2017

Excellent company. Easy to contact and always helpful. I would definitely come back again in future.

Contractor, January 2017

Always found you reliable and helpful.

Eileen Hewitt, January 2017

Good service. I would recommend Key to my friends.

Ingrida Corekci, January 2017

Key have been a professional company and have always paid me on time.  I have been very satisfied with them.

Contractor, December 2016

I did appreciate the prompt help you gave me whenever I was uncertain about something.

Contractor, December 2016

Very friendly staff – Good customer service.

Contractor, December 2016

Key was always there at the click of a button. If I ever needed to clarify a query I could call and have the concern or issue dealt with.

Contractor, December 2016

I have been working with Key since 2012 and won’t work with anyone else. Customer service is great and everyone is very professional.

Jaya Swamy, November 2016

You have always been available to help me. You have always been courteous, friendly and approachable. Thank you for your time and attention.

Morag Tebbit, November 2016

The staff I dealt with on the phone were always very friendly and helpful.

Georgina Trythall, November 2016

The service has been great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Gary Reece, November 2016

Very professional. Always someone available to talk to and sort any problems.

Angela Moreton, November 2016

Supportive and worked as stated on the tin.  Will use again if I do supply work.

Contractor, November 2016

Key Portfolio have good staff who are always helpful.  The website is friendly and I have always found the information up to date. I have felt supported and valued as an agency supply teacher – thank you.

Contractor, October 2016

Simple, easy and approachable. Key Portfolio helped to keep the income from different jobs in line. Thanks!

Contractor, October 2016

I have found Key Portfolio very helpful during the past 2 years

Jennifer Gough, October 2016

Very good company who answered questions when asked. I recommend it.

Contractor, October 2016

I’ve worked with other umbrella companies and I have to say Key Portfolio has always solved my doubts and issues and have worked efficiently. I highly recommend it.

Contractor, October 2016

It’s been a pleasure working with you. An easy and smooth process.

Claudia Soare, October 2016

Very helpful. Employees there are so kind and considerate.

Fiona Mann, October 2016

You have always been efficient, approachable and friendly.

Morag Tebbit, October 2016

I felt supported. There was some confusion at the start about claiming expenses etc. but that was soon cleared up. I loved being able to share my experiences in their blog and hear from others too.

Lowri Dennis, October 2016

Very prompt answ­­­ering of queries on the telephone and friendly and polite customer service.

Georgina Trythall, October 2016

I have been very happy with the efficient service provided by Key. They have always been extremely helpful and courteous over the phone and reply to my emails promptly.

Deborah Miller, October 2016

The service was great and always helpful whenever I needed to speak to someone.

Daniel Miles, October 2016

Key was always there at a click of a button. If I ever needed to clarify a query I could call and have the concern or issue dealt with.

Beverly Gordon, October 2016

I always received prompt service and got paid on time.

Laraine McCourt, October 2016

Really helpful sorting tax and financial problems.

Chioma Cureton, October 2016

Staff friendly and helpful.

Contractor, October 2016

Everything easy to use, has been great service.

Stephanie Holt, October 2016

Great at reminding when I was paid as you used both email and SMS messages.

Contractor, October 2016

Efficient and reliable.

Rosemary Sharaunga, October 2016

Very efficient service, personable and speedy email and telephone replies when needed – very easy to use website. Fantastic.

Gemma Cox, September 2016

I have been very happy with Key Portfolio. I found the service hassle free.

Beverly Gordon, September 2016

You get through on the phone easily, friendly staff and I felt that they had my best interests at heart.

Elizabeth Aster, September 2016

Easy to deal with. Every enquiry has been dealt with professionally.

Adam Webb, September 2016

I’m so happy with your service. The only reason why I’m leaving you is because I got a job in Dubai. Thanks for doing an excellent job!

Contractor, September 2016

Key provided a great service. They are very professional and always happy to help.

Contractor, September 2016

Very helpful and pleasant staff when I call.

Yvonne Garel-Porter, September 2016

Super friendly staff, easy to contact and I was never on hold for any length of time. Everything was simple.

Rebecca Blake, September 2016

When we were buying our house and rang for advice about my wage, the people I spoke to were always very friendly and offered excellent advice.

Nicola Blenkley, September 2016

Always very thorough and prompt with payment. Very happy with the service.

Contractor, September 2016

Brilliant company. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Gloria Tucker, September 2016

Really good service and easy to use. Always on time with payments and reliable, friendly staff.

Zoe Patrick, September 2016

Registration with you was straightforward and stress-free. You were always helpful and supportive and I had a pleasant experience working with you. Thank you, Key Portfolio!

Cristian Husac, September 2016

Professional and helpful. A very pleasant experience dealing with Key Portfolio!

Wendy Day, September 2016

Very efficient. Always very quick to respond to queries.

Contractor, September 2016

Excellent company and fantastic customer service!

Michaela Johnson, September 2016

Very helpful service. You made my life much easier upon my return to work from maternity leave and into supply work. Thank you!

Jodie Jasmin, September 2016

Very efficient salary administration. Account is easy to access. Good online support.

Sara Jane Harbord, September 2016

Dealt with pay and expenses in a very professional manner and I never had any problems with being paid.

Contractor, September 2016

Straight forward and quickly responds to any questions.

Jeremy Johnson, August 2016

Key has been great in answering all my questions and explaining the UK payment system for teachers in schools. Moving abroad is daunting and it was comforting to have people respond and support me quickly when I had any questions.

Emma Sharp, August 2016

I have had a fantastic experience with Key. Every step of the way I have been supported and all my questions answered at the click of a button. Working as a supply teacher was nerve racking but being able to sign up to receive pay in such a simple way and given statutory rights meant the world at a very financially difficult personal time. Thank you.

Tina Gibbs, August 2016

Thank you for always paying me and keeping informed of my rights and benefits.

Susan Kent, August 2016

I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Key to anyone else!

Contractor, August 2016

It’s all been really positive and I’ve had swift answers to my questions.

Abeba Kibrom, August 2016

Good, reliable service. In fact I’d say things have improved even since I first registered with Key back in 2008. More efficient and professional.

Mary Kerr, August 2016

They are always very helpful and friendly to deal with.

Shay Smith, August 2016

Site is easy to use with clear links and organisation. Key Portfolio team were quick to respond to enquiries with informative advice. Will return to Key if I go back to working on supply.

Contractor, August 2016

The website is really easy to use and when emailed they reply quickly.

Ruth Heys, July 2016

Very easy to use and very helpful on the phone whenever I had questions.

Contractor, July 2016

Never had a problem. Always on time and professional.

Contractor, July 2016

Good CPD advice. Prompt payments. Good overall support.

Mark Visagie, July 2016

I was very happy with the service I received, never had any issues. When I did speak to a Key representative it was always professional.

Contractor, July 2016

You are always on time. You were very helpful. Kind and amazing.

Dorota Hubiak, July 2016

Excellent! Thank you for making everything so straightforward.

Contractor, July 2016

Always very helpful.

Zoe Williams, July 2016

Thanks for your professionalism and expert advice.

Gary Cardno, June 2016

Great, professional service. Easy to use. Quick and helpful responses from the admin team.

Contractor, June 2016

Great, friendly and helpful.  Would recommend and go with Key again.

Christina Lane, June 2016

Key have been very clear and reasonable. Never had any problems.

Kathryn Russell, June 2016

No issues at all and everything was done well.

Michelle Tobin, June 2016

Good quality of service and issues resolved promptly.

Contractor, June 2016

Always helpful and polite when I have contacted the team. Very knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to recommend you. Thank you.

Contractor, June 2016

Really quick and really efficient.

Carmelo Ruiz Esturla, June 2016

The customer service team are very helpful and knowledgeable and I have enjoyed my time with Key Portfolio. No question is off limits, it doesn’t matter how basic they’re always there with the correct answer.

Gina Allen, June 2016

Thank you for always dealing with my queries and more recently reference requests promptly.  You efficiency has been much appreciated.

Zoe Beaumont, June 2016

I love your website, it’s really well organised! Thank you for all your hard work.

Sarka Mleckova, June 2016

Key are quite efficient and listen to their contractors.

Richard Abiodun, June 2016

It was prompt, there were no problems, I knew every week I was going to be paid on time. It was good!

Contractor, June 2016

Great customer service and easy to view website – even on your phone!

Contractor, June 2016

I’ve been very very pleased with any contact I’ve had with Key. Always polite and efficient and put up with all my questions.

Contractor, June 2016

Very helpful company.

Sally Boultby, June 2016

Excellent on the phone, best company I have had to call.

Steven Sula, May 2016

Lovely / helpful staff. Easy to use website.

Jane Brewer, May 2016

Extremely easy to navigate around website.  Pay day text were much appreciated as you immediately know how much you have received without having to check pay slips, bank accounts etc.

Contractor, May 2016

Great service and love the text messages when it was pay day- always put a smile on my face.

Rebecca Malpass-Neasom, May 2016

Key Portfolio were helpful and efficient, never experienced a problem. Would definitely return should I join Capita again.

Lisa Powling, May 2016

I was very happy working for Key.

Contractor, May 2016

Incredibly helpful and quick service, would recommend as an umbrella company for anyone else doing agency work.

Contractor, May 2016

Been great working with Key. Any issues were dealt with quickly – no complaints.

Carmen Gherzum, May 2016

I was quite happy throughout the whole journey. Payments were always on time and everyone was always very professional.

Miguel Flores, May 2016

Nice quick easy process, never had any issue. Really good.

Lawrence Lee, May 2016

Every time I call, the person on the other end has been very helpful, dealing with my requests quickly.

Contractor, May 2016

Fantastic service over the last 4 years, always received courteous and helpful service when  needed.

Contractor, May 2016

Always answered my queries promptly and in a friendly and professional manner.

Contractor, May 2016

Everything ran smoothly, could get paid by 2 agencies and could rely on Key Portfolio to pay right amount on day I expected. Great to get SMS reminders and alerts.

Emma Ali, April 2016

Excellent service. Well trained staff can deal with any queries: no being passed on to someone else or spending time on hold. Clear and understandable wage slips.

Louise Usher, April 2016

I received first-class help and support when I needed it most. Thank you so much, Key! No hesitation in recommending you to colleagues.

Contractor, April 2016

I thought Key was great to have all my agency work paid together. Whenever I had a problem and contacted Key, they were very quick to make contact and resolve the problem.

Contractor, April 2016

I am extremely grateful for the service you have provided in the last few years – particularly since you paid me for my maternity leave – something I could not have expected from [my agency’s] PAYE.

Supply teacher, April 2016

It was a very reliable and straightforward service. My pay was always accurate and on time. The website was useful and easy to use.

Kate McNally, April 2016

Reliable and very professional.  I was made to feel really confident with Key Portfolio’s performance.

Sandra Bowman, April 2016

I have been very happy with your services over the years and you have provided an excellent service.

Kevin Manuel, April 2016

Never had any problems in the 2 years I’ve used Key, on-line system is easy to access and the service received was 100%

David Chase, April 2016

First Rate service, friendly and efficient, always happy to help.

Gary Hawker, April 2016

Friendly and efficient service, sorry to say I’m leaving. I have really enjoyed my time with Key over the years and wish all of you the best in the future.

Contractor, April 2016

Payments all made on time, always got to speak to a person when calling in and all queries answered straight away. Really good service.

Della Findlay, April 2016

I originally signed up with Key Portfolio as a supply agency I was using told me they would only use Key. I signed up as it made sense to keep all of my agencies together. I have found the service to be very helpful, and the system is very easy to use as well as having all my payments on time with no mistakes.

Priya Coe, April 2016

Extremely helpful and reliable, thank you.

Jonathan Shepherd, April 2016

If you have more than one recruitment agency, Key is the place to be!

Contractor, April 2016

Your customer service was very nice and the staff was very helpful.

Zahra Paracha, April 2016

Key Portfolio have been helpful, accurate and all I could want for an easy way of getting paid. Thank you for your help.

Andrew Throssell, April 2016

I have been very happy with the service I have received. It has been efficient and when there has been a question from me there has always been a prompt response.

Contractor, April 2016

Key has been wonderful.

Mohammed Rahman, April 2016

I’ve been very happy with the service I have received. Thank you for all the help and support you have given me.

Contractor, April 2016

Always someone on the phone willing to help, which doesn’t happen with most companies.

Sarah Watson, April 2016

For me it was a pleasure to work with Capita and with Key and to have the opportunity to work at different schools in the South of England, it was a great experience! Thank you Alan for answering me all my questions and for sending my P45 to Tenerife. If one day you decide to come here don’t hesitate to contact me.

Maria Garcia Granda – March 2016

Have had a great experience with Key and I will definitely sign up to work with you again when or if I go back to agency work.

Anjana Clark, March 2016

All went like clockwork. Many thanks for all you help.

Jonathan Daniels, March 2016

Your website has always been very easy to use and your payslip system is very straight forward.

Angela Burrows, March 2016

Excellent service. Always a positive response to help with any queries and issues I have had. Pretty much trouble free service for over 2 years. I will definitely use again if needed or recommend to others.

James Power, February 2016

I have always found the staff at Key very helpful and supportive. Thank you for all your advice.

Dhrupti Shah, February 2016

I would like to thank all the staff for the excellent customer service I have received whenever I have rang up. Nothing has ever been a problem. Thank you.

Charlotte Anderton, February 2016

A ‘no worries’ kinda company.

Werner Vlok, February 2016

Thanks again to everyone at Key for looking after me so well and putting me and my career first.

Shireen Nightingale, January 2016

Super service. Key go out of their way to be approachable, friendly and to give you a honest and personal service.

Darren Caveney, January 2016

Excellent service, thank you. If I ever go back on supply I would want to use your services again. Thank you 🙂

Helen Jones, November 2015

Very good service both on-line and by telephone. Would have no hesitation in enrolling again if I return to supply work.

Wendy Green, November 2015

I find all of your staff very friendly & efficient, I always know that someone will be able to help when I call with a query. You & your team are always so very helpful & informative, I really appreciate it.

Leyla Smith, October 2015

I have taught for 43 years and until I enrolled with Key Portfolio, I had never enjoyed administrative service at such a high level.

Chris Woolford, September 2015

Excellent service always and staff are always helpful.

Tasneem Patel, September 2015

You guys have been absolutely fantastic and so user friendly… Made my life so easy!

Nicholas Storey, August 2015

Outstanding service. Very helpful. No job is too much for the team. I will recommend you to others.

Paul Sullivan, July 2015

Excellent customer service, all problems swiftly resolved. Every enquiry handled with great care and consideration.

Anita Parkes, July 2015

A very efficient service which had both clarity and a high level of competence.

Terence Gumbs, July 2015

Cannot sing your praises enough in terms of quickness and response to my statutory maternity pay. A weight off my mind!

Tina Gibbs, July 2015

Everyone at Key is always very helpful, thank you!

Jake Miles, July 2015

I have received nothing but brilliant service from you. If ever in need, I shall be coming straight back.

George Robson, June 2015

Incredibly helpful and supportive, great website with up to date statements etc, easy to complete expenses forms and excellent communication.

Adam Lockey, June 2015

Everything has been very straightforward and all queries have been handled quickly and effectively. Thank you!

Felicity Blackwell, June 2015

You are a truly fantastic management company who take the stress out of everything.

Lydia Toumazou, May 2015

I am always so impressed with the speed at which Key handle these things, it’s great to know you’re with a company you can rely on!

Gabrielle Watts, March 2015

Thank you for giving the opportunity to be part of a very inspiring supply service. You have been so helpful and friendly towards me, I cannot thank you enough.

Mark Pearson, January 2015

To anyone seeking a sound, reliable umbrella company to administer their pay, then I unreservedly recommend Key Portfolio.

John Nightingale, October 2014

I was very happy with the service I received from Key Portfolio; it was always friendly, prompt and efficient. I would not hesitate to use them again, should the appropriate working circumstances arise in the future.

Donna Doling, August 2014

A big thank you to yourself and to your colleagues for helping me with my muddle! It’s a great help to have good back up and a friendly helpful voice from you all especially when the day to day job is particularly challenging, well done!

Ian Taylor, April 2014

Thank you so much for your prompt, extremely detailed and helpful response [regarding my P800]. You have saved me more sleepless nights and perhaps a short, but much needed, holiday!

Alison Taylor, March 2014

THANK YOU very much for your efficiency and support.

Joanne Quigley, August 2013

Thank you for all your hard work over the last year.

David Harrison, August 2013

I would just like to say thank you to everyone at Key Portfolio for managing my weekly income and expenses and for helping me with the various enquiries and questions I have had. Look forward to working with you again in September.

Waheed Latif, July 2013

Thank you so much for your assistance. I really must say that Key Portfolio is a fantastic organisation. I have always received prompt and thorough responses to any query I have had. I cannot speak highly enough of your team.

Natalia Bajcic, May 2013

In all honesty, I feel if large ‘faceless’ organisations were all as efficient and prompt as Key have been, the world would indeed be a brighter place!

Katina Panayi, May 2013

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you on this matter! Everything went well and I would like to pass my sincere thanks to you for your kindness and professionalism!

Dimitrios Papadopoulos, May 2013

I love working with Key Portfolio! All the staff have been amazing and even when I have not understood something they have taken time to explain any misunderstanding. I would like to take this time to say a massive thank you to all who work with Key Portfolio.

Caroline Nicholas

I have used two other companies and did not realise that i can use Key portfolio for as many agencies as I want making my life easier – instead of setting of separate umbrella companies – really good service and very fast set up and the service is seamless when I am submitting my timesheet online.

Sangeeta Chauhan

Thanks very much for your efficiency now and throughout my time with Key.

Mark Sleat

Thanks very much for your clear explanation. This is great.

Mark Smith

I am new to Key Portfolio and have just received my first payment. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping me informed of the progress of my claim and my final payment into my bank. The payment was prompt after I had submitted my claim to my agency. Thanks again for making it hassle free.

Hazel Millington

I have been dealing with you for years now, you are all always super!

Pat Mulholland

I thoroughly enjoyed working in the UK, certainly a very rewarding experience! Thank you to all the staff at Key as well. It was such a lovely company to work with. Very friendly staff who were always on hand to ask any questions or concerns I may have had.

Catherine Newington

May I take this opportunity to thank your company for all the help and support I have received during the last year or so. Needless to say if and when my circumstances change I will not hesitate to reinstate my employment arrangements with you again.

Sue Bromilow

Just to say, I have been very impressed with the way Key Portfolio works.  I have rung your office on a couple of occasions and the service has been excellent.

Gerard Thorpe

Thank you, your organisation made my life a lot easier.

Diana Fisher