Could you tell me about your pension scheme?

The workplace pension scheme for Key Portfolio employees is provided by NEST. When you become a member, you put a little bit of money aside each time you get paid to help you save for a more comfortable retirement.

We are obliged by law to automatically enrol you into the pension scheme if you meet certain criteria. This won’t happen until around three months after you join Key Portfolio. However, you can ask to join at any time and if you meet certain criteria, we’ll enrol you straight away. When you become an employee, we’ll write to you with full details of what this all means and how it works.

The minimum contribution you can make is 5% of your pensionable earnings. In addition, there’s a 3% employer contribution. Both contributions are included in the daily or hourly rate agreed with your agency for your assignments. We recommend learning more about how your take-home pay is calculated and how these contributions fit into it.

When you become a member of the pension scheme, NEST will send you a welcome pack which contains everything you need to know.

We hope this pension scheme makes it a little easier to save for your retirement.

 These figures are correct for the 2024/25 tax year.