Can I choose to join your pension scheme?

Yes. You can request to join the pension scheme at any time, even if you’re in your first three months of employment or don’t meet the criteria for auto-enrolment.

To do so, please send an email to portfolio@key.co.com confirming that you would like to join the pension scheme. The email must come from the address we’ve got registered for you and you must include the phrase ‘I confirm I personally submitted this notice to join a workplace pension scheme’. Alternatively, send us a signed letter.

It might seem like we’re being a little strict here, but we’re obliged to follow certain rules and guidelines to help ensure that requests to join the scheme are genuine. If you want to be sure you submit a valid request, you can copy and paste our pre-written template.

When we receive your request, as long as you’re aged between 16 and 74, we’ll make arrangements for you to become a member of the scheme. There are rules that determine exactly what this means and how it will happen for each person:

  • If you earn more than £120 in the week (or £240 in the fortnight/£520 in the month) in which we receive your request, we will enrol you into the scheme the next time your pensionable earnings reach that level again. Your minimum contribution will be 5% of your earnings and there’s also a 3% employer contribution.
  • If you earn less than this, we’ll pass your details to NEST who will tell you how you can join directly. In this scenario, there would be no employer contribution. If you ever meet the criteria for automatic enrolment in future, we’ll enrol you via our payroll.

 These figures are correct for the 2024/25 tax year.