Intellectual property

If you are involved in the creation or invention of something during an assignment, your workplace may automatically gain, or wish to obtain, intellectual property protection. This would help prevent anyone else stealing or copying it. There are various types of intellectual property protection, including copyright, patents, design rights and trademarks.

All intellectual property rights deriving from the services that you provide while on assignment at a workplace belong to the workplace. While you’re on assignment, you are working for your workplace and anything that you create in connection with your assignment is owned by them.

Your workplace grants you use of these creations solely for the purposes of carrying out your assignment. You must not use them for any other purpose. If you did so, your workplace could take legal action against you for stealing or copying it.

Should the workplace require your help in order to obtain or evidence intellectual property protection, please do everything you can to assist. This applies both during and after your employment with the company.

You should deliver all creations promptly to your workplace, for their exclusive use and benefit. Share with them exactly how you produced it and provide any explanation or instructions that might help your workplace to use it properly. Give them all related information and data and do not do anything that may invalidate or jeopardise their intellectual property protection.