Landed a new contract but it’s too far to commute? If you need to permanently relocate within the UK in order to accept the job, there are certain expenses that you can claim. These could include:

  • The cost of the sale of or of relinquishing the lease on your home, including legal costs, etc.
  • The cost of purchase or taking up the lease of a property in the new location.  This would not include any refundable deposit.
  • The cost of transporting furniture, etc.
  • Travel between the locations and temporary accommodation for a short period whilst a new home is being sourced
  • Any other costs genuinely applicable to the relocation

Your claim cannot exceed £8,000.

Please contact us before you move if you’d like us to confirm in advance if you’ll be able to claim the associated expenses.

What should I send as proof of purchase?

Send receipts or other documentation which show the costs incurred. Please also provide a document from your recruitment agency that contains details of your new assignment, including its location and duration.