How can I contribute to the supply teaching knowledge bank?

The supply teaching knowledge bank is a community project. All Key Portfolio employees are invited to contribute their tips, ideas and experiences and to help make it a place where supply teachers learn from each other. There are a few ways you can get involved:

Volunteer to be a guest blogger

Write articles to share advice, tips, personal experiences, lessons you’ve learned, emerging trends in supply teaching… we’re open to ideas! When you volunteer to join our band of guest bloggers, we’ll email you whenever there’s an opportunity to write an upcoming article for the knowledge bank. You can also jump in any time and pitch us your own ideas – we’d love to hear them.

Tell us how supply teaching helps you pursue your passion

Supply gives you freedom, flexibility – and the opportunity for variety. For some people, this means they can dedicate time to a second job, business or hobby that they’re really passionate about. Sound like you? We want to hear from more people who love supply teaching because it allows them the freedom to pursue their passion. Answer a few questions for us and we’ll share your story to help inspire others.

Share your intro

“Master the intro. If you nail the intro to the class, it’s plain sailing,” says Ben Riley, supply teacher. You can never quite predict how a day in an unfamiliar classroom will go, but the one part you can prepare for is your introduction. If you nail that, you’ve set yourself up for a smoother lesson ahead. As you gain experience, you’re able to perfect your intro. You portray the right attitude when you first meet your pupils. You learn how best to introduce yourself, how to establish your rules, how to get everyone working as quickly as possible. Will you help new supply teachers by sharing your typical intro with them?

Write a letter to your past self

What do you wish someone had told you before your first supply teaching job? Write a letter to your past self and email it to marketing@key.co.com. As with all other knowledge bank contributions, we can only consider it for publication if you’re a Key Portfolio employee.

Important notes

We can’t guarantee that we will publish anything that you send us, but we’ll always try our best. Please read our guest blogging guidelines to improve your chances.

The supply teaching knowledge bank is a community project for Key Portfolio employees. To contribute, you must be a Key Portfolio employee. If you’re a supply teacher, you’re always welcome to join Key Portfolio.