Why do you need to know my sex?

For employment purposes, we keep a note of whether you are female or male. We take this from the passport or other right-to-work documentation you showed us when you first joined Key Portfolio. There are quite a few reasons why we need this information.

Firstly, it helps us to manage your employment accurately and compliantly:

  • We’re obliged to enrol you into a pension if you meet certain criteria, and it partly depends on whether or not you have reached State Pension Age (SPA). We need to know your sex in order to calculate your SPA and therefore to meet our pension auto-enrolment obligations.
  • We will stop deducting National Insurance contributions when you reach State Pension Age. It’s important that we know your sex in order to identify when this happens.
  • It helps us to give the most appropriate advice about parental benefits you may be entitled to.
  • It helps us to comply with the Equality Act 2010. For example, each year we have to expose any differences in pay between our male and female employees by reporting certain payroll statistics.

As your employer, there are also times when we are required to confirm your sex to third parties:

  • We need to tell HMRC about all new employees and report details of your earnings to them on a regular basis. One piece of information that they require when we do this is your sex. We must select either F or M.
  • When we enrol you into a NEST pension, they require us to confirm your sex. NEST is the workplace pension that was set up by the government.
  • In some circumstances, your recruitment agency are required to include your sex on quarterly reports they submit to HMRC (known as ‘intermediaries’ reports’). To support your agency with these requirements, we may share your sex with them.

This FAQ forms part of our privacy policy.