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1. “How contracting helps me pursue my passion”

Got a creative hobby or interesting sideline?

Working as a contractor gives you freedom, flexibility – and the opportunity for variety. For some people, this means they can dedicate time to a second job, business or hobby that they’re really passionate about. Sound like you?

If you’re a contractor but also a YouTube star/cake decorator/dog walker/artist/TV extra/blogger/bell-ringer (delete as appropriate), or you fit supply teaching jobs around your singing career, or the money from your IT contracts supports your mission to visit every train station in the country, then you’re exactly the person we’re looking for.

We’re writing case studies about people who love contracting because it allows them the freedom to pursue their passion. The aim is to celebrate contracting and show others how it can support their success in unrelated areas. In return, we’ll give you a platform to share your story with fellow contractors and can include a link to your website. We publish case studies on our contractor blog.

Want to take part? We just need a wee bit of info from you to get started – go ahead and let us know you’re interested.

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