It’s back! Secret Santa gift exchange for contractors

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Secret Santa for contractors

All across the land, supply teachers, locum nurses and IT consultants go about their work. They’re strangers, but colleagues too – because they’re all part of Key Portfolio. Wouldn’t it be nice if each of them reached out and spread a little Christmas cheer to a fellow freelancer?

Last year, our employees had the chance to do just that, in the first ever Secret Santa Gift Exchange for Contractors. Everyone who took part helped their Santa out by providing a few hints about their likes and dislikes (who knew that so many contractors love stationery, prosecco, Harry Potter and unicorns?) and then posted a card and gift to a mystery recipient.

We loved hearing all the stories of generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. In fact, it went so well that we’re making it an annual tradition.

It’s back!

That’s right – we’re organising another Secret Santa gift exchange for Christmas 2017, exclusively for Key Portfolio employees. As is customary, participants will post someone an anonymous gift and receive one in return from someone else.

Secret Santa is a fun workplace custom that contractors often miss out on, simply because they don’t have a workplace to call their own. However, as part of the Key Portfolio community, one thing they’re not short of is workmates. We bring the Secret Santa concept to contractors – organised online, with gifts sent through the post.

How it works
  1. Sign up for Secret Santa, using the link we’ll email to you on 17th November. You can also find the link if you log into your account. We’ll ask a few questions about your hobbies and interests, to give your Santa some inspiration.
  2. We’ll draw names on 1st December – that’s when you’ll find out who to send your gift to! We’ll email you their name, address and any info they provided about themselves, such as their likes and dislikes.
  3. Buy or make a gift, and post it. Make sure it arrives by 22nd December, just in time to pop under the tree. You should expect to feel very Christmassy round about now.
  4. Receive a gift from your Secret Santa. Email or tweet us a thank-you note to pass on (hopefully with photos!) and we’ll publish them on our blog in January.

There is no strict spending requirement – the main thing is to be thoughtful. Last year we found that most people spent around £10, so this is our recommended amount.

It’s okay if you spend less, as long as you put some effort in and do your best to bring your recipient some joy. You can also spend more if you’d like to, but keep in mind that you’re unlikely to get a gift of the same value in return.

If you still have a few questions, head along to the Secret Santa Q&A for the answers.

We were really keen to organise Secret Santa again this year, as a small way of building connections between colleagues. We’re excited to see where the community takes it this year. Over to you!