Our ethos

We believe that contractors should be encouraged and rewarded in their career.

Where would organisations be without the ability to bring specific skills, strategic expertise and a fresh perspective into their team on a short-term basis? Businesses depend on highly-skilled contractors being able to walk through their door and get the job done.

We have so much respect for these professionals, who see every new gig as an adventure. We want them to feel empowered and supported.

People choose contract work because it gives them more opportunities and flexibility – to travel, to look after their children, to care for family members, to pursue hobbies and creative sidelines, to build up a tonne of experience. But they can end up disadvantaged when compared to their permanent counterparts. Their job brings some uncertainty and isolation, and they lose the protection of employment. This has never seemed fair to us.

So, that’s why we do what we do.

Key Portfolio is our payroll and employment service (or ‘Umbrella Company’). It allows you to have the freedom of contracting and the advantages of employment, all at the same time.