How can I get involved with the Key Portfolio community?

When you join Key Portfolio, you instantly gain thousands of colleagues. Here are some quick ways you can get involved with the community:

  1. Join in the conversation on Twitter – say hello!
  2. Read the helpful articles written by your fellow contractors over on our blog – and think about writing one yourself
  3. Look out for community events you can take part in, like Secret Santa. We’ll email you about these when they happen, so make sure you’re on our mailing list.
  4. If you’re a supply teacher, you can pick up tips, hear ideas and read the experiences of others in our supply teaching knowledge bank (and please do contribute when you can)

And if you ever want to let off steam, celebrate a new contract or need a sounding board, we really would love to hear from you. We’re only on the other end of the phone, so please never hesitate to call for a chat. We’ll always respond on Twitter too!