How do I get the most out of Portfolio Perks?

All of our head-office staff use Portfolio Perks, so we have loads of tips for you. Here are a few of our best:

Get to know Portfolio Perks

Start by activating your perks, which you can do online. Log into your account, click on Portfolio Perks and follow the instructions from there. Once you’re all set up, take some time to explore each section of the site and familiarise yourself with the types of retailers that are on there.

Buy gift cards for your favourite shops

Visit the Gift Cards section of Portfolio Perks and scroll through the list of retailers. Pick out anywhere that you shop, eat or visit regularly. This might include places like Tesco, M&S, Argos, Starbucks, Currys or Waterstones. When you spot somewhere that you spend money regularly, buy a discounted gift card to keep in your purse. It means that everything you buy in these stores will effectively be at a discount.

This approach can help with budgeting, too. For example, if you want to set money aside for food shopping at the start of the month, buy a supermarket gift card.

Check Portfolio Perks before shopping online

If you’re buying anything online, check to see if you can earn cashback before you make your purchase. Porfolio Perks includes over 1,000 retailers which cover everything from clothing, beauty and homeware to travel, theatre tickets and utilities. You can get cashback when you take out a new phone contract, change energy provider through Uswitch or join a dating site.

Remember your big purchases

Got any big purchases coming up, like a summer holiday, pair of glasses or concert tickets? Search the Portfolio Perks website to find retailers that offer what you’re looking for and take their discounts into account when you’re comparing prices.

Tell your family

If anyone else in your household shops online, let them know about Portfolio Perks. Use the ‘Share this deal’ button that you’ll find on every retailer’s page to send them a special link. When they click on it, they’ll be taken to the store’s website where they can make their purchase as normal. The only difference is, you’ll earn cashback on everything they spend. This can be a nice way to save up for a family day out or special treat.

Shop around

Not all retailers are on Portfolio Perks, but you can still make savings on your favourite products if you shop around a little. You can often find an alternative place to make the same purchase, but at a discount. For example, you might consider ordering your Friday night takeaway through Just Eat.

Be the organiser!

If there’s a night out on the cards, check Portfolio Perks to find out which restaurants are on there. If you book a table using your restaurant card, you’ll score an instant discount on the bill for your whole group.

Double discounts

Some retailers offer discounted gift cards that can be spent at their online store and they also offer cashback for online shopping. In these cases, you can get a double discount – a reduced gift card plus cashback on your purchase.

Boosted cashback

Portfolio Perks gives you double cashback on the first £100 you spend each month. If you’re planning a big shopping spree at various retailers, get strategic about the order you do it in. Aim to spend your first £100 each month on the store that offers the highest cashback rate. And if it’s close to the end of the month and you’ve already spent £100, consider holding off a day or two before you make your next purchase.

Save your favourites

While you’re browsing around the site, hit the favourite button any time you spot a shop or restaurant you really like. It’ll save you looking for it again next time you plan to shop there and give you faster access to your favourite discounts.

The technicalities

Make sure cookies are enabled on your browser and don’t use private browsing. If this isn’t the case, your online shopping cannot be tracked and you won’t receive cashback (boo!). If you have any problems accessing the site, check you’re using a supported browser: Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer 10.