Images for guest blogs

To protect the style of our website and meet our brand guidelines, images on the Key Portfolio blog must either be original photography or our own illustrations. We can also use correctly attributed third-party content from time to time to illustrate a point, for example graphs, tables and screenshots.

Unfortunately, we can’t use stock photos or your company’s branded illustrations. This may mean you’re unable to provide images for a guest post you’re writing for us – and that’s perfectly okay!

We might decide to use our own illustrations or we may publish without any images. Either way, it’ll work just as well.

One photo we do always need, however, is a headshot for your bio.

If you do have photographs that you’d like to include, that’s fantastic. They must be your own (or your company’s) and it probably goes without saying that you must also grant us permission to use them.

Your blog post can include one image at the top of the page (the ‘header’ image) and as many as necessary throughout the body of the article. The header image is also used as the thumbnail on the contents page, as well as when the post is shared on Twitter. Please place the images into the Word document version of your article so we can see the positioning, and also provide them as separate files.

Image guidelines
  • Original photography only
  • Any format is fine
  • Header image: landscape, 1800 x 900px
  • Body images: landscape preferred
  • Headshot: 300 x 300px
  • If you have any questions, just ask!